Jackson Ward, then and now

THANKS to everybody who helped out with this!

Update 3/19: VCU Libraries Archives Coordinator Ray Bonis sent along a collection of even older photos of the Jackson Ward neighborhood in 1907 from the Internet Archive.

Original proposal:

So much of the South and southern identity is tied to a sense of place. Time passes, people come and go, but geography stays the same. I am fascinated by this idea.

VCU Libraries has a great set of 1970s photos of Richmond’s historically African-American Jackson Ward district both in our Digital Collections site and on Flickr.

I propose we stroll over to Jackson Ward, make then-and-now photos of some of these structures, and find a way to share these photos in a way that tells a story about the neighborhood and the city.

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5 Responses to Jackson Ward, then and now

  1. Eric Johnson says:

    Such a cool idea. I love before-and-after shots, and Jackson Ward in particular has such a rich and complex history. I’d love to take part in this.

    The Washington Post has used a slick photo display “slider” that lets users grab a little handle and wipe back and forth to see new and old photos in the same space. I’ll see if I can find an example (and perhaps an open source version of the same).

    (As an aside, I can further imagine a kind of artistic version of overlapping images with old elements poking into new pictures or new elements emerging into old ones. Hmmm.)

  2. Tom says:

    I’d love that.

    I took Eric up on finding a useable example of the slider element and built a quick demo using a jquery plugin- it’s here. So if we decide to it, we’re good to go on the display end.

  3. Eric Johnson says:

    Tom, that slider is a world of righteous–thanks so much on working that out. Brilliant!

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