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Here is the Google Doc for the Content Note session.

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Proposal: Tracing cultural change through the food we serve

Could we design a project to use a (hypothetical) special collection of menus or cookbooks to find evidence of social change? Did restaurants change their menus after integration? How and when did various ethnic flavors and ingredients enter our experience? Is there a way to trace a culture’s understanding of ingredients and their cultural heritage? What is the relation of fusion cuisine to cultural authenticity? Could it be visualized? What other questions might we ask of such a collection and how would we display the findings on the web?

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Proposal: Mining a mini culture for stories

Here’s an idea that can pair with John Glover’s earlier post.  I suggest that a group of folks each contribute 3 – 5 photographs currently on their smartphones to a group photo pool (Flickr?). We then break into smaller teams/pairs to create brief (five panel?) narratives using only the images available.

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New South Research Widget/Tool/Protocol

[Proposed by Nell Chenault.] It is a challenge to gather together publications, research, and information about the “New South”. Can a tool be developed to assist with this research issue? A portal or widget which focuses on many of the themes?

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New and improved hashtag

Due to massive pressure from the populace, the hashtag for THATCamp New Souths has been revised to become: #thatcampns.  The people have spoken!

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Proposal: Educational Equity, Social Justice and Online Learning

There is much to consider about the place of online learning in higher education, but given that “we’re particularly interested in exploring the point(s) at which technology intersects with social justice… especially in the modern American South” this session would allow us to explore at least the following issues:

  • What is the place of online learning at an urban-serving research university?
  • Does online learning serve some students “better” or “worse” than others?
  • What labor considerations does online learning raise?
  • What are the micro- and macro-economic implications of online learning?
  • Etc.
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    Directions to Balliceaux for post-workshop socializing

    THATCampers, please join us at Balliceaux whether you could attend the workshop or not.  We’ll be over there around 5:30 or so and should be the first big-ish group in the place.

    203 N. Lombardy St.
    Richmond, VA

    Here is a map for the walk/drive to Balliceaux from the Academic Learning Commons (workshops). Right turn out of the building on Floyd Ave., right at the end of the block onto Harrison St., two blocks to a left turn onto Grove Ave; four blocks to a right on Lombardy; Balliceaux on the right.


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    Howdy, all. I’m looking forward to our Oomeka-logomeka workshop this afternoon. Here are the supplemental links and presentation slides for the workshop.

    Note: this workshop is intended for beginners, so if you have lots of experience with Omeka this may be too basic for you.


    Here are my in-progress presentation slides covering what Omeka’s all about, the basics of structuring sites, exhibits, etc.

    We’ll be using for the hands-on portion of the exercises.

    Sites using Omeka: there are so many! Here’s a rabbit-hole of omeka sites:

    Supplemental handouts – basic omeka how-to’s, cribbed shamelessly from Miriam Posner’s intro to Omeka workshop:

    Links from the session

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    Proposal: Digital Identities

    I’m planning a new version of an existing class that will focus on helping students understand and build their own digital identities (while learning about writing, oral presentations, argument, etc.). I have some ideas, but I want MORE. I’d love to talk with anyone teaching freshmen, in particular, but anyone working with undergrads to help them understand the best way to construct their online identity would be great. I’m especially interested in concerns about privacy, professionalism, and ways to talk to students about lifelong interaction with their new constructed digital selves–and, of course, new assignment ideas. See y’all soon!

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    What’s Your Story?

    I’d like to have a session about telling stories digitally, using whatever tools, on whichever platforms. Depending on our interest, this could be show-and-tell about interesting stories you’ve seen or created, brief walkthroughs of tools you’ve used, ideas about best practices, etc. Not thinking of a full-on intro to Digital Storytelling, like Bud Deihl’s workshop Friday, though maybe those of us who attend it can use some of what we learn there as a springboard for discussion & ideas.

    Alternatively, if we want to run a Make-type session, we could try to create a story told collaboratively across many platforms, to give us all a hand at trying new tools. In this kind of scenario, perhaps we could all resolve to try a new (to us) platform for storytelling, but offer to act as resources for each other — e.g. I don’t have an Instagram account, so maybe I could try to tell part of our story on there and learn something about it, while answering questions about, e.g., WordPress. Not necessarily thinking of a complete/coherent narrative here; it could be finding new ways to present different aspects of a fictional project (Newspapers to Prisoners; Enslaved Geographies; etc.).

    I like fiction and telling stories, but the practical takeaways I see for participants would be:

    • Exposure to new tools
    • Ideas about pitfalls & virtues of different kinds of storytelling
    • Examples of online engagement/storytelling that might inspire you to try new things with promoting/discussing your project
    • (Perhaps) experience using a new-to-you storytelling tool
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